White Rabbits

Once, a long long time ago, I had notions of grandeur. Sure I was a teenager, and that’s just kind of expected, but I was still a little sad when I realized that feeling is gone now.

Things fall behind when real-life sets in. Dreams get put aside because you think “I’ll have time for that later”.

Winter 2012 reminded me we don’t always have later.

A person very special to me, and to many many people, died abruptly at 24. She was an artist, a geek, and above all – a dreamer. And while she managed to do more with those dreams in her 24 years than most people ever do, there were so many things left undone.

And now, here I am. Because of someone who encouraged my dreams, and lead by example. A younger cousin, taken shockingly and abruptly by a genetic disease no one knew she had. If she could live with spirit and joy, if she could fearlessly follow her dreams, then I should too.

Since I’ve had trouble working properly I’m going to use this blog as a place to motivate myself, give praise to others, ponder the ‘important’ questions, and above all – enjoy what time we have.

Dreams are worth working for.

Keep Flying, Mei-mei.


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  1. Carol

    So nice, Cathy, so very nice.

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